I Blame it All on the Morton's Salt Company

Well, things have been relatively eventful.  Some of life has, of course, just been taken up in working for a V1.0 project, or in unwinding from it (i.e., playing video games or FRPing).  However, Mollie and I have both been fighting off bronchitis much of December (and she still is), I got food poisoning at a usually-good restaurant on the 30th, we had fun with some other gamers for the turning of the year, and I broke my leg Sunday evening.  Mollie stayed home from work work 'today' (it's still "logical Monday" for me as I write this) for both our sakes, and Kathryn (whose clavicle isn't really knitting together properly) is staying home from school Tuesday to take care of me - which mostly means being ready to call 911 if the combination of crutches, Percocet, and under-foot felines means I fall down the stairs on the way to the loo.  At least the Christmas loot haul had a fair amount of sit-in-one-spot entertainment in it (games and DVDs).
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Since I have this blog, maybe I should use it upon occasion. That seems especially appropriate on this traditional (in the US) day for stopping to give thanks.

After all, I'm still gainfully employed, and even working on a project that's both fun and likely to be useful. In addition, I have friends at work with shared interests. It looks some of those will be losing their jobs soon, but at least some of the bonds that have been formed should last beyond that. Mollie's still gainfully employed as well. Karen is both employed and still going to college part-time.

Then we come to the biggest reason I'm bothering to write this entry. Kathryn is ... still alive, and mostly intact. She was a passenger in an accident late on Saturday, 20 November 2004. Her friend Tasha (who was driving) is also still alive, though in much worse shape. Midnight phone calls from strange hospitals saying, "We have your daughter," are no fun, even when they also say, "She's awake and coherent."

Kat's worst injuries are a broken collarbone (on the left, and she's right-handed), and a mild concussion. Since the guy at the wrecking yard was surprised to hear that anyone in that car had lived, we feel pretty darned fortunate. It has definitely put a lot of lesser complaints into perspective, as well. All in all, it is a day for this family to be thankful.

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